Motivate your sales team with short term bonuses

Spiffs are a great way to motivate your sales team. Define short term goals for teams or individual objectives in order to motivate each employee with their own target.

A platform for sales leaders, managers, and employees to go further, faster.

Coach with impact

Give super-powers to managers! Allow them to track and measure their coaching programs.

personalized incentives

Personalized incentives

Find what motivates your sales rep individually and define tailor made objectives. Structure 1:1 coaching to drive behavior and performance.

Align your teams with the company’s challenges

Having a short term goal or challenge ? Define a target and start a challenge. Let your teams do the rest.

Achieve team goals

Dynamise your team by setting a common goal, setup rewards and watch the live leaderboard !

Boost CRM adoption

Create accountability and recognition with live performance data synced directly from Salesforce or any CRM.

Track and display

Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized dashboards or to slides that embed directly into Salesforce or display on your web browser or a sales floor TV.

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