With Palette’s Challenges feature, you can boost morale, improve your culture, increase productivity, and amplify visibility to help more of your reps achieve their quotas.

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Drive results and culture with Challenges

Sales gamification and challenges are go-to tools for sales managers. They can drive long-term behavior changes, or help sales leaders who need a quick lift in numbers. With Palette, you can now spin up challenges in a flash to motivate and coach your team to more successful closes.

Create challenges and spiff on any KPI you want to lift up

Palette Challenges allows sales leaders to create any kind of competitions, team-based contests, spiffs or awards. As long as the KPI is tracked in your CRM, you can create a Challenge on it. There are no limits to scoring options!

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Use templates to kick off challenges in one-click

We've made it dead simple to create challenges and spiffs!
1. Navigate the template library to find the right challenge
2. Set objectives and rewards
3. Invite team members to the contestThat's it! You're good to go. Sit tight and watch the sales numbers go up! 🚀

Wondering how leading sales teams are using Palette Challenges to give sales numbers a real uplift?

Our Sales experts can help and share their perspective, ideas and solutions!

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Build a culture of recognition and celebration

A culture of recognition keeps everyone aligned to the mission and values which contribute to long-term sales team success. 78% of employees are willing to work harder if only they were given more recognition.Use Palette's Slack connector to regularly celebrate both small wins and big wins, and breathe life into your organization!

Use real-time leaderboards to keep everyone head in the game

Palette provides live performance data synced directly from Salesforce or any CRM. Personalized dashboards keep your team engaged and create a laser focus on execution and achievement.

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Other benefits of running sales challenges

Ensure the CRM is filled correctly

When your CRM data powers challenges and competitions, you can be sure that your reps are logging activities, objectives and notes.

Drive long-term behavior change

Smart sales leaders use competition and recognition to drive performance on the sales floor. Find what motivates your team and use it to drive long-term behavior change.

Keep remote teams connected

Is your team currently remote? With Palette, they'll still see everyone’s productivity and performance with real time leaderboards synced with your CRM.

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