What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Palette Team

Business Process Automation, often referred to as BPA or simply as business automation, involves leveraging technology to streamline or automate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks across various business functions. It encompasses the identification, analysis, and optimization of critical workflows, enabling organizations to streamline operations, reduce errors, enhance efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity. BPA can be used across all different areas of a business or organization, including sales, finance, HR, and more.

The benefits of business process automation include increased operational efficiency and cost savings, as employees get more done in less time. Freeing up time for strategic and higher value tasks also improves productivity and allows employees to focus on their best work, creating more value for the organization.

BPA is particularly useful for areas such as compliance and risk management, as it ensures adherence to established rules, regulatory requirements, and policies. BPA can help enforce consistency, reduce human error, and thus mitigate compliance risks. Another area well suited to BPA is data and information sharing. BPA can enable automated data exchange, improving collaboration and data visibility across the organization, surfacing more insights and allowing for faster decision making.

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Why Palette?

Automate calculations

Automate sales commission payments. Create commission rules, define a payout schedule and access monthly statements for each sales rep.

Motivate and coach with real time dashboards

Motivate sales professionals with real-time visibility into commissions. Coach your team, align everybody with company goals and drive long term sales performance.

Compare, simulate and design commission plans

Roll out new commission plans with ease. Compare plans and simulate new rules with a single click.

No more errors

Palette keeps history logs and tracks every calculation detail, helping you to reduce sales commission errors.

Reconcile revenue with CRM data

With Palette you can reconcile invoices and payments with CRM data and pay commissions to your reps only when the money is in the bank.

Create challenges with one click

Incentivize your teams on short term goals. Create a challenge targeting any KPI you want to uplift, drive better results and boost your company’s culture.