Turning communities into a growth engine

Jean Lorillon

Ask not what your community can do for you – ask what you can do for your community"... a wise man once said 💡

Did you ever wonder how a bunch of people in a reddit community managed to make a hedge fund lose 5,000,000,000 dollars? That's the power of communities my friend... 👇

Community-building is part of a broader shift in B2B businesses towards bottom-up growth. Companies are relying on communities as a key method for growing and engaging their user base. #growth

The impact it has on marketing and direct sales is phenomenal. 🤯

Take the famous "funnel" sales methodology. How does it apply to communities? It simply does not. ❌ Advocates are not paying customers, there's no need to "convert" them down the funnel.

So how do you build communities and engage with advocates❓

My friend Josh Dzielak from Orbit helped me out here!! 🧠

Orbit helps companies grow and cultivate communities and tie them into the business.

I don't know anyone who knows better about community building than Josh.

This is the kind of interview *EVERY* sales and marketing leader should watch. Trust me.

Great communities make great companies. 🧡

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