RevOps Tech Adoption Rates

Palette Team

Even in a down market, RevOps tech is growing substantially. According to the GTM Emerging Technology Report from GTM Partners, RevOps technology solutions experienced an adoption rate increase of 169% over the past 6 years, and a 43% increase in adoption rate between 2023 and 2022 alone. The increase over the past year, which has seen noticeably slower conditions for SaaS vendors, is impressive. The report is based on an analysis of G2 reviews, so it isn’t clear how closely this reflects actual product adoption versus growth in reviews. 

The report defines RevOps technology as the combination of a few categories: revenue operations & intelligence, CRM, lead to account matching and routing, analytics platforms, data cleansing and automation, attribution, analytics forecasting and intelligence. There is a case to be made here that there is some crossover with sales tech and martech. 

This growth actually brings to light an important area for RevOps teams, and one that has been top of mind for many RevOps professionals over the past year; optimizing the tech stack. As companies focus on unit economics and tighten their purse strings, many are looking to increase their efficiency and lengthen their runways by cutting unnecessary software. Ops teams often deal with multiple overlapping tools and systems between different departments, whether that includes different ops teams (SalesOps, Marketing Ops, etc) or different departments in an organization (different business regions or units using their own tools, or business development and sales teams using different overlapping software). Conducting a software audit can help identify areas to streamline your stack. Read more about why a GTM ops structure can help get more out of your total ops investment across the company.

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