Doing more with less as a finance leader

Palette Team

With pressure to streamline budgeting processes and implement rolling forecasts in order to quickly react to changes in a volatile environment, CFOs and other finance leaders are under increased pressure to do more with less. Meanwhile, budget cuts across departments are leaving finance teams with limited resources. In order to do adapt to these circumstances, finance teams must fully automate manual processes. Adoption of finance automation technologies has lagged in previous years. Now more than ever, finance teams must overcome roadblocks to automation in order to realize the improved efficiency and productivity these solutions enable.

Even without time and resources to dedicate to process mapping and automation prioritization, finance teams can get started quickly by looking at areas which require signifiant time commitments and which involve high amounts of manual work. Automating these types of processes can eliminate lower-value work, giving teams time back and serving as quick wins to further build the case for automation. To get started, take a look at our list of financial processes to automate. Or, get in touch with us to learn how you can automate your sales commissions - our customers reduced their time spent administering commissions by an average of 76% after implementing Palette.

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Why Palette?

Automate calculations

Automate sales commission payments. Create commission rules, define a payout schedule and access monthly statements for each sales rep.

Motivate and coach with real time dashboards

Motivate sales professionals with real-time visibility into commissions. Coach your team, align everybody with company goals and drive long term sales performance.

Compare, simulate and design commission plans

Roll out new commission plans with ease. Compare plans and simulate new rules with a single click.

No more errors

Palette keeps history logs and tracks every calculation detail, helping you to reduce sales commission errors.

Reconcile revenue with CRM data

With Palette you can reconcile invoices and payments with CRM data and pay commissions to your reps only when the money is in the bank.

Create challenges with one click

Incentivize your teams on short term goals. Create a challenge targeting any KPI you want to uplift, drive better results and boost your company’s culture.